Woodgrain System

Our KTM Woodgrain, the original 2-Step Finishing process transforms fiberglass, steel, garage and even interior molded doors from the ordinary to the extraordinary!  For years fiberglass doors have been finished like wood doors, and to no one’s surprise, wood finishes just don’t hold up on fiberglass!

Our woodgrain system can be applied to all fiberglass door brands out there: Therma-tru, Masonite, Jeld-wen, Plastpro and all others.  Can be used to re-finish that tired old door that has been in place for years – light scuff sand, clean it off and apply our kit to re-new that surface just like the day you bought it!

KTM has pioneered the way to understand and figure out the correct way to finish your fiberglass door. Our finishes were and are designed for doors. We’ve been copied but other finishes just don’t come close to duplicating our colors, process, and method for making fiberglass look like wood.

Even though our kit does not require a clearcoat/varnish, the use of our KTM-SV, is an excellent choice. It will help protect the surface and will add extra UV protection to the system. Use ‘SAVE5‘ to save $5 when adding KTM-SV to your order.

  • Base Coat Completed
    Base Coat Completed
  • KTM Wet-Edge Extender
    KTM Wet-Edge Extender
  • Starting with Panels
    Starting with Panels
  • Then surrounding areas
    Then surrounding areas
  • Wiping off Step#2
    Wiping off Step#2
  • Graining window frame
    Graining window frame
  • Graining edge of door
    Graining edge of door
  • Finished Door
    Finished Door with KTM Woodgrain Kit

Additional How-to Video – Click Here


Before/After Picture